Flushed out mah creds.

I updated my Publications & Mentions page. It should be flushed out with more in depth details concerning my blogging, my stint as a columnist, and my published creative writing, and some of my undergraduate work. I’ve done quite a bit of stuff throughout the years, but most of the details are lacking primarily because I have to dig through old stuff (that is probably still sitting in a box from when I moved to Colorado ~2 years ago), and find out what those details were. This is probably pretty minor news for you guys, but for me, it’s a step in the right direction. It is important, as an author trying to get published, to make sure I have all of my credentials and previously published work listed out accurately. Although I haven’t been writing a ton lately, I have definitely been reading a lot. Mostly advice for blogging, keeping an author platform, improving SEO, and link building. Here are a couple of helpful articles that you might enjoy as well:

Your Writing Bio: Doing The Publishing Credits Shuffle

Publishing Credits: The Best to Not So Best

5 Ways to Make Your Website More Linkable

SEO Tips for 2013

Adding Social Sharing Buttons to Blogger

10 Literary Blogs Every 20-Something Should Read

These are just a couple that I have kept up and keep reading and going through related content for. If you have a favorite resource for writing, submitting poems/short stories/etc to lit agents and publishers, info for bloggers on improving SEO or readership, then please share! I’d love to see what you all are reading.


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