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Muslim, queer, feminist: it’s as complicated as it sounds.

A truly inspirational story.

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blog post cover photo me: muslim no matter how I dress.

There are three aspects of my identity that really can’t be untangled from each other:

I am a queer woman.

I am a feminist.

And I believe that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is Allah’s messenger.

Yeah, it’s the third one that usually gets the record-scratch reaction.

I was raised Muslim, but in my teens, I became severely disillusioned with the faith. Having finished reading the Qur’an in English for the first time, I started to fully appreciate just how easy it was for people to twist and re-interpret the book to serve their own needs. I realised my father had been doing that to me for years, with his rules that he swore came “from God” and his restrictions on my behaviour that were all part of me being a good Muslim girl. Cover yourself so men don’t…

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Started a new poem

Ziggy StardustSo the other night, I watched some of an interview with David Bowie (courtesy of my boyfriend) during his Ziggy Stardust years. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find it again, but that’s not the point. He was talking about his music, what inspires him, and how he feels like  when he meets new people, he feels like he absorbs their experiences, their personalities, and that he’s just a well of other personalities, etc.  As some of you may or may not know, I’ve really been struggling with writing. To put it bluntly, and vaguely, I more or less fired the best of  my life a few years ago, and ever since, unless I’m writing about some sort of loss or recollection of that muse, I feel like I’m pulling out empty  pockets whenever I look at a piece of paper or a a word document. Nothing seems to come to me. And listening to Bowie talk, watching his facial expressions, and feeling, remotely, like he did, really fired up something inside of me that I thought left long ago. So I started writing. I  only have a couple of two line stanzas so far, but I feel like I’ve come in contact with that part of me that has long since become something foreign and unfamiliar. We’ll see how far I get with it and if it I finish it, I may share a few lines.

A Frigid Colorado Morning

Last week, I had the pleasure of being able to work from home. Working from home allows me to not only get more work done (most of the time), but also to be able to experience moments that I would otherwise miss. One such moment was a very pretty sunrise at about 6:30 am when the sun turned the distant snow caps into a pale sheet of pink. It was so cold out that after 5 minutes of frantically snapping photos, my fingers were inoperable. Some very lovely shots came out of it, though:


And this one as well:


I’m also able to spend time with my malamute and capture some truly precious moments. My malamute thinks that she is a genuine lap dog and tends to follow my boyfriend, Karl, or I wherever we go. So when I’m working from home, I’ll move a blanket and pillow into the office and create a cozy bed for her next to my chair. Then she’ll bring in all of her “babies” and curl up until about lunch.


Sometimes if she’s really riled up by lunch, we’ll head to the dog park for a few hours so that she can rip through the grass and wrestle/chase/romp with other dogs. Overall it’s a nice reprieve from a typical, mundane workday, and it definitely gives me food for thought when it comes to my writing.

A to Z Challenge

So this year I’m going to try and participate in the “A to Z” blogging challenge in April. The point of this challenge is to make a blog post for each day of April (Except Sundays), with the theme of the day matching the letter assigned to that day. As a writer, I also am considering assigning an overall theme to my challenge as well (IE: each blog post has to have a poem in it, or a short story) to get my creative writing juices flowing. I haven’t really decided on what I’m going to do for this challenge exactly, but those are some of the thoughts that I’ve been throwing around.

Are any of you going to do the challenge? If so, any thoughts on what your theme(s) will be?