A Frigid Colorado Morning

Last week, I had the pleasure of being able to work from home. Working from home allows me to not only get more work done (most of the time), but also to be able to experience moments that I would otherwise miss. One such moment was a very pretty sunrise at about 6:30 am when the sun turned the distant snow caps into a pale sheet of pink. It was so cold out that after 5 minutes of frantically snapping photos, my fingers were inoperable. Some very lovely shots came out of it, though:


And this one as well:


I’m also able to spend time with my malamute and capture some truly precious moments. My malamute thinks that she is a genuine lap dog and tends to follow my boyfriend, Karl, or I wherever we go. So when I’m working from home, I’ll move a blanket and pillow into the office and create a cozy bed for her next to my chair. Then she’ll bring in all of her “babies” and curl up until about lunch.


Sometimes if she’s really riled up by lunch, we’ll head to the dog park for a few hours so that she can rip through the grass and wrestle/chase/romp with other dogs. Overall it’s a nice reprieve from a typical, mundane workday, and it definitely gives me food for thought when it comes to my writing.


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