20150930_175739I grew up in the flat, open countryside of rural South Bend, Indiana and spent my childhood chasing killdeer through the fields, trying to transplant milkweed into my sandbox so that they wouldn’t get chopped down by the law mower, and building mud dams on the side of the street on lawn watering day. I picked up writing in sixth grade after having to write my first short story, and I pursued my love of books and literature throughout High School, excelling in my English classes and eventually taking up small stints of journalism for The Riley Review and The South Bend Tribune. As an adult, I attended Indiana University South Bend, first as a psychology major, second as a biology major, and finally as an English major with a concentration in writing (especially of the creative sort). During my time there, I presented my work at two undergraduate research conferences, one for an academic paper and another for a short story. In March of 2010, my poem “Wasteland” was accepted and published by IUSB’s literary Journal, Analecta. I have gone on to submit my work to a slew of literary journals, but have not had any success yet. After graduating, I spent about 9 months living in Indianapolis before heading out west like many before me. Once here, I decided to start writing a review blog called “Pandy’s Product Reviews” to shell out my opinion on restaurants, video games, make-up, and just about everything in between. In between those reviews, I try to maintain my personal blog and query literary agents for my novel.

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