New Year’s Resolutions

So one of my favorite blogs posted some really good insights for writers that are planning on making resolutions for New Years. While the advice can apply to just about anyone, it is really useful for writers, bloggers, etc. So please give it a read here:

Nice to be acknowledged.

It is always a delight when one of my reviews is recognized by the company/organization/manufacturer of the item I’m reviewing. In this case, I released a tweet announcing that I had reviewed Olay’s Ultra Moisture Body Wash. This is fairly typical of whenever I publish a review to my blog. If I am able, I try to mention the company whose product I am reviewing. For one, it helps my tweet gain visibility by making it even more searchable, having it show up in the company’s timeline, and, in some cases, if the company sees it, they will retweet it/favorite it/etc. This helps it gain even more visibility, and in some aspects, it gains a little bit more credibility. I just wanted to share the tweet that Olay favorited with you guys, because it always makes me feel just a smidge more accomplished when something like this happens:

Upcoming Reviews

Lately there has not been much activity on my blog, Pandy’s Product Reviews, mainly due to the fact that I haven’t been going out and doing much or trying new things around the holiday season. That should change in the upcoming week or so as I experienced a couple of new restaurants in downtown Denver, and I’m excited to give you all the inside scoop on what they were like. Also, my boyfriend received a couple of new video games for Christmas, and of course I’ll have to play them and let my readers know what I thought. So you’ll probably see reviews coming out for the following items:

  1. Olay Moisturizing Body wash
  2. House of Commons (Tea House)
  3. The Avenue Grill
  4. LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes
  5. XCOM: Enemy Within

I’m super excited to start writing these reviews and will post the appropriate updates when they come out!