Publications & Mentions


Pandy’s Product Reviews: This blog was created in July 2012 to home my online reviews for makeup, restaurants, recipes, and other products and services. I typically publish between 1 and 3 reviews each money, depending on the availability of time and money.

The Collective Comedy: I setup and organized this private blog for a select set of individuals to share videos, pictures, stories, etc, with each other. It is not available to the public at this time.

Newspaper Columns:

The Riley Review: As a junior/senior in HighSchool, I wrote several columns for the student newspaper. One of my columns won a “Best Student Column” award in 2005 in a competition that included entries from the entire Northern Indiana/South Michigan region.

The South Bend Tribune: Having proven myself a capable journalist for my school newspaper, I was allowed to write several columns for our local paper. For over a year, they ran a series of pages in the Tribune that were written entirely by high school students; The pages featured a range of material from cartoon pieces to serious, investigative stories.

Literary Magazines:

Twenty-Eight (Class Project) – My short stories “Of Hurricanes and Butterflies” and “The Hermits” were published in May of 2011.

Analectca – My poem “Wasteland” was published in March of 2011.

Caveat Lector (Class project) – My poems “Loved Lamed” and “In Your Version of Heaven I have White Wings” were published in Fall of 2008.

Undergraduate Research Conference:

2011: Presented an academic research paper exploring the vilification of money and mercantilism in a medieval religious text. It was titled “The Roots of Corruption: Investigating the Effects of Mercantilism in Piers Plowman”

2010: Presented a short story titled “The Hermits.”

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